Mobile shop

Call us and we will bring the store to you. We offer this service in central and south Florida and very soon we will be offering this service to some other areas of the country. The current routes in the state of Florida are:

Route 1

Broward & West Palm Beach

Salesman: Hernan Garces

Cell Phone: (754)-368-2864 

Route 2

Vera Beach & Port St. Lucie

Salesman: Julio Reyes

Cell Phone: (954)-736-6620

Route 3

Naples & Fort Mayers

Salesman: Alvaro Fernandez

Cell Phone: (954)-369-7316

Route 4


Salesman: Francisco Garces

Cell Phone: (305)-335-8173

Route 5

Fort Laurderdale & Hoollywood

Salesman: Daniel Gamarra

Cell Phone: (954)-573-5936

Route 6


Salesman: Luciano Donato

Cell Phone: (407)-922-5661

Route 7

Tampa -1

Salesman: David Reyes

Cell Phone: (863)-623-2622

Route 8

Tampa -2

Salesman: Elkin Garces

Cell Phone: (941)-451-3117

Mobile shop        

Point of Sale

We are experts in the marble and granite industry   
For more information contact us 

Factory Direct Distributors 

1599 SW 30th Ave Suite #6 

Boynton Beach, Florida 33426, U.S.A.

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Business hours: 

Monday - Thursday:  8:00am - 6:00pm EST

Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm EST

Owner/CEO:   Edward J. Garces

Telephone Number:   561-733-3477

Fax Number:  561-733-3304

Assistant Manager and Accounts 

Receivable: Ana Garces

Telephone Number: 321-229-8323

Fax Number: 407-386-6126

Sales Manager :  Elkin Garces

Telephone Number: 941-451-3117

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