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The Transport Frame TF2000 from Aardwolf is for transporting vanity tops & other workpieces. With a durable structure, locking bars, and straps, this frame can securely hold vanity tops and other workpieces. The Transport Frame TF2000 is quick to assemble and disassemble, with assembly time by one man taking approximately 5 minutes. One man can manually move a loaded frame around a factory or work site. The fully loaded frame can be loaded on and offloaded from trucks by forklift.


  • Sturdy structure, designed to eliminate any risk of the slab tipping over
  • Slabs are placed on unique rubber profiles and secured with 6 locking bars and ratchet straps to retain materials.
  • The frame features 2 hooking points to be picked up by an overhead crane
  • Reinforced with two oblique bars for the firm and secure construction
  • Built-in forklift receivers on all sides for lifting by forklift
  • The base and uprights use replaceable white rubber to prevent markings and scratches.
  • A counter-lever handle with wheels moves the frame manually, even when loaded.
  • A counter-lever handle is used to jack the uploaded frame and lower support legs when wheels are not required.
  • Powder-coated finish, which ensures an aesthetic feature as well as the durability of the product

Option: The frames can be hot galvanized and finished upon request.

Note: Support legs should always be lowered when a loaded frame is transported on a truck.

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